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Our Beliefs

The Church of the Nazarene: What we believe

 Nazarenes are most like the early Methodists. Nazarenes are simply Bible-believing, evangelical Christians. We believe that Christ provides salvation for all people as we confess our sins and believe in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior.

Nazarenes practice water baptism and observe the Lord’s Supper, which are the two sacraments instituted by Jesus Christ. They study the Bible in Sunday School classes and in small groups both in church and in homes. They pray, they worship, they fellowship together, and they share the good news of Jesus with others.

The distinctive Nazarene doctrine of entire sanctification or “heart holiness” teaches the possibility and urgency of a Christian’s heart being cleansed from sin and perfected in God’s love by the infilling of the Holy Spirit. With the help of the Holy Spirit, a Christian can have a positive Christian witness before the world and be moving toward the goal of becoming more like Jesus each and every day.

Nazarenes are not Pentecostal, though many have friends and loved ones in the Pentecostal movement. Nazarenes believe that the true evidence of being baptized or filled with the Holy Spirit is the fruit of the Spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, – not “speaking in tongues.” Nazarenes particularly like the heartwarming approach to worship and evangelism, the concern for the presence of the Holy Spirit, and the love for God’s word which are found in the Pentecostal churches.

The church is divided into 90 districts in the U.S. and Canada, and approximately 1,000 districts in 150 world regions. The work of each district is directed by a district superintendent. The General Assembly, composed of ministers and laymen in equal numbers, meets every four years. They elect a board of six general superintendents who supervise the worldwide work of the church. The Church of the Nazarene celebrated its Centennial on October 5, 2008 in its over 21,000 Nazarene churches around the world.

Articles of Faith:


In order that we may preserve our God-given heritage, the faith once delivered to the saints, especially the doctrine and experience of entire sanctification as a second work of grace, and also that we may cooperate effectually with other branches of the Church of Jesus Christ in advancing God’s kingdom, we the ministers and lay member so the Church of the Nazarene, in accordance with the principles of constitutional legislation established among us, do hereby ordain, adopt, and set forth as the fundamental law or Constitution of the church of the Nazarene the Articles of Faith, the Covenant of Christian character, and the Articles of Organization and Government here following, to wit:

  1. The Triune God

  2. Jesus Christ

  3. The Holy Spirit

  4. The Holy Scriptures

  5. Sin, Original and Personal

  6. Atonement

  7. Prevenient Grace

  8. Repentance

  9. Justification, Regeneration, and Adoption

  10. Christian Holiness and Entire Sanctification

  11. The Church

  12. Baptism

  13. The Lord’s Supper

  14. Divine Healing

  15. Second Coming of Christ

  16. Resurrection, Judgment, and Destiny